Ear Falls Northern Pike Fishing

Anishinabi Lodge is a fly-in fishing lodge north of Vermilion Bay and west of Ear Falls. The main lodge is on an island at the south end of Anishinabi Lake and they have two remote outpost camps at the north end of the lake. Both Anishinabi Lake and their nine remote backcountry fly-in and portage lakes have excellent Northern Pike fishing including high numbers of Northern Pike in the 2 to 8 pound range and a really good number of 20 pound Northern Pike over 40 inches. The lake is also accessible in the winter for some awesome ice fishing. Ice fishing for Northern Pike starts January 1st in their region. They also have great fishing for Lake Trout, Walleye& Smallmouth. They have beautiful lakefront log cabin cottages, which are fully equipped for housekeeping. They have a main lodge and can offer American Plan with prior notice. They offer Lund fishing boats with electric start motors.
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