Sioux Lookout Northern Pike Fishing

Fireside Lodge is located west of Sioux Lookout and north of Dryden, Ontario on Little Vermillion Lake, which is not little and certainly the fish are not. This lake is stuffed with Northern Pike but its claim to fame is the monster Northern Pike that can be found in great numbers. The whole area is famous for big Northern Pike. Most guests will catch several Northern Pike in the 40-inch range if they specifically target pike. During the summer a lucky couple of guests will bring in Northern Pike close to 50 inches long and in the 25-pound range. This is a top rated American Plan lodge with yummy home cooked meals at a down-to-Earth price.

At Anderson's Lodge you have choices of 5 species including the predaceous Northern Pike! Fish the legendary Lac Seul and 7 other lakes that are teeming with these giant Northern Pike. From 100+ pike days to trophy hunts, we've got the pike action you are looking for! From all-inclusive American Plan to Deluxe Fly-In/Boat-In Outpost Packages, we can accommodate any group's needs. There is nothing else like it in Sioux Lookout! We are totally committed to providing you a quality fishing vacation!

Northumbrian Resort offers a great variety of accommodations as well as fantastic Northern Pike fishing. They have their main lodge strategically located where Pelican Lake and Abram Lake join so guests can fish both lakes for Northern Pike. You will also have water access to Minnitaki Lake and Lac Seul. They have fully equipped lakefront housekeeping fishing cabins that range from two to five bedrooms. They also have fly-in outpost camps and boat-to outpost camps. What kind of Northern Pike fishing are you looking for? If you are looking for high numbers then can set you up on a lake where you can catch sixty to a eighty Northern Pike in a day. If you are looking for a trophy Northern Pike they can set you up on a lake where Northern Pike up to and over twenty-five pounds are caught and released. The closest settlement to the lodge is Sioux Lookout, Ontario. They also offer fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Whitefish.

White Sands Camp is located near the remote settlement of Savant Lake, which is 50 miles northeast of Sioux Lookout or 75 miles straight north of Ignace, Ontario. They have 5 housekeeping cabins on Sturgeon Lake. Their lake does not have extremely high numbers of Northern Pike but in this case quality supersedes quantity. If you target Northern Pike you may only catch 20 or so per day but several will be great fish. Northern Pike in the 35 to 43-inch range are very common and you should catch a few in a day. Guests can catch them over 45 inches with the odd 47 inch Northern. With their catch-&-release conservation policy on all trophy Northern Pike the fishing keeps getting better every year. They also have outstanding fishing for Trophy Walleyes and are know for extremely high numbers of Lake Trout. They offer Lund Boats with 25hp electric start motors.

Lac Seul Outpost Lodge features world class fishing for Northern Pike as well as other gamefish. Northern Pike fishing is excellent with the back bays being stuffed with Northern Pike as well as many trophy Northern Pike being caught. Lac Seul is a labyrinth of islands and waterways with lots of Musky Cabbage, Wild Rice, Lily Pads and Pickerel Weed. It's the perfect conditions for Northern Pike to grow big and proliferate in great numbers. Guests catch more 20-pound Pike than most lakes that are called top Northern Pike lakes. They offer beautiful housekeeping lakefront wilderness fishing cabins.

Pine Cliff Lodge is located between Sioux Lookout and Dryden, Ontario and on Sandybeach Lake, which is also known as Big Sand Lake. Pine Cliff Lodge offers the very best Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario. There is also a high population of Smelt and Suckers in the lake. As a result they have super-sized Northern Pike. Northern Pike in the 40+ inch range are caught every week with a few Pike over 50 inches. Their lake also boasts a line-class world record Northern Pike. They have clean and comfortable cottages and offer both housekeeping and American Plan accommodation. This is Northern Pike fanatics spend their fishing vacation. Make sure you check out their list of Master Angler Northern Pike that have been caught and released.
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