Chapleau Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Four Seasons Guiding is a small and cozy family run outfitter on Big Pine Lake near Chapleau Ontario. They offer housekeeping cabins with great fishing for Northern Pike. Big Pine Lake is not a late where you catch a whole mess of small Pike. It's a lake where the population of Northern Pike is moderate but the pike that do get caught are massive. No other lake in the Chapleau area produces Northern Pike as big. There are 20 and 25-pounders in this lake. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook Trout.

Prairie Bee Outpost Camps is located on Prairie Bee Lake, which is located between Chapleau and Wawa, Ontario. They have great Northern Pike fishing. The Northern Pike are most common in the 2 to 6 pound range. There are a fare amount of trophy Pike in the 20 pound range being caught. Prairie Bee Lake has massive schools of Whitefish and all the best Northern Pike lakes have a high population of Whitefish. With this in mind combined with the size of the lake, there is no reason why a 30 pound Northern Pike can't be caught. Not many of our guests target Northern Pike so it's a resource that is under-used. At the far west end of the lake they have an extremely remote outpost camp. The main camp is located at the north-east end of the lake. Both camps are extremely remote boat-to camps. From the main camp you have access to Windermere Lake, which is one is also one of the best Northern Pike lakes in Ontario.

Flame Lake Lodge offers excellent Northern Ontario Northern Pike fishing. They also have trails and waterways to other lakes for the more adventurous, including several trophy Northern Pike lakes, all in an untouched wilderness setting. Accommodations include housekeeping cabin or American Plan in the main lodge. They also have great fishing for Walleye and Whitefish.

Five Mile Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps is located on Five Mile Lake, which is south of Chapleau, Ontario. They offer good fishing for Northern Pike on the main lake but most Northern Pike fanatics looking for a trophy go to their outpost camp on Goldie Lake. Goldie Lake is a Pike lake with Northern Pike being the dominant species in the lake. Their main lodge is rated as 4 Star (****) accommodations with housekeeping cabins at the base lodge and outpost cabins on Goldie Lake and Wenebegon Lake.

Moose Horn Lodge has good Northern Pike. You can fish McLennan Lake for Northern Pike, which is where the lodge is located or you can drive to many other area lakes and the Chapleau River where there is exceptional Northern Pike fishing. They offer American Plan and Housekeeping Cottages. This is a super nice lodge and a great place to take the whole family as there are many other activities other than great fishing. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and local streams with Brook Trout.

Murray Lake Cottages is located south of and between Wawa and Chapleau, Ontario. They and located on Murray Lake, which has outstanding Northern Pike fishing with both high numbers and big trophies. Their guests can also get boat access to McMurty Lake and Dog Lake. If you like catching and eating Northern Pike than it will take you a few minutes to catch lunch. The shoreline has hoards of Northern Pike in the 2 to 6-pound range with quite a few bigger northerns in the 7 to 12 pound range. They also have a good population of Nothern Pike in the 15 to 20-pound range and throughout the summer lots of Nothern Pike in the 20 to 25-pound range get caught-&-released. They also have boat caches on several remote backcountry portage lakes, which produce hoards of Northern Pike. They have five lakefront housekeeping cabins that sleep between four and nine adults. They have two boat-to outpost camps on Loon Lake and Shikwamkwa Lake and both camps have fantastic Northern Pike fishing. Their rates are the best in Ontario. They also have fishing forWalleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Perch.

Happy Day Lodge is located on Windermere Lake, which is one of the best Northern Pike fishing lakes in the Chapleau area. What makes Windermere Lake unique and a top lake is the monster Northern Pike that patrol the weedy bays. Northern Pike over 20 pounds are caught on a regular basis with 25-pound and even 30-pound Pike caught throughout the summer. Happy Day Lodge is the only lodge on the lake. They have really nice lakeside housekeeping cabins and great fishing boats.