Lac Seul Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

At Anderson"s Lodge you have choices of 5 species including the predaceous Northern Pike! Fish the legendary Lac Seul and 7 other lakes that are teeming with these giant Northern Pike. From 100+ pike days to trophy hunts, we've got the pike action you are looking for! From all-inclusive American Plan to Deluxe Fly-In/Boat-In Outpost Packages, we can accommodate any group's needs. There is nothing else like it in Sioux Lookout! We are totally committed to providing you a quality fishing vacation!

Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost: Scout Lake is a remote corner of Lac Seul and located at the south-west end of the lake. Scout Lake and Lac Seul are famous for their monster size Northern Pike. With the thousands of weedy bays and narrows Northern Pike have a perfect habitat to ambush their prey. Northern Pike are extremely common up to six pounds and if you target Northerns you will catch quite a few in the eight to twelve pound range. Lac Seul is a big lake and produces big pike. Guests who target pike consistently should catch a few over twenty pounds during the course of a week. Every year many gigantic pike in the twenty-five to thirty pound range are caught and released. Lac Seul is also one of the best lakes in Ontario for Walleye with populations of Musky and Smallmouth Bass increasing every year. The resort has clean and cozy housekeeping cabins as well as remote outpost camp on McKenzie Bay, which sleeps eight people.

Lac Seul Outpost Lodge features world class fishing for Northern Pike as well as other gamefish. Northern Pike fishing is excellent with the back bays being stuffed with Northern Pike as well as many trophy Northern Pike being caught. Lac Seul is a labyrinth of islands and waterways with lots of Musky Cabbage, Wild Rice, Lily Pads and Pickerel Weed. It's the perfect conditions for Northern Pike to grow big and proliferate in great numbers. Guests catch more 20-pound Pike than most lakes that are called top Northern Pike lakes. They offer beautiful housekeeping lakefront wilderness fishing cabins. They also offer the best Walleye fishing you can imagine with Musky and Smallmouth Bass as well.