Ontario Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Lodges that are Drive-in

Ellen Island Camp is located on an island in the north-end of the Famous Lady Evelyn Lake. Lady Evelyn Lake is well known for having the very best fishing in Northeastern Ontario yet receives very little fishing pressure because of its remote location. Fishing for Northern is excellent. The new waterfront cottages are clean and roomy with a fully equipped kitchen for housekeeping and a 3-piece bath. Total comfort, excellent service and fantastic fishing is what Ellen Island Camp is all about.

Olive The Lake Lodge is a family cottage rental resort and fishing lodge located on the Marten River, which is between North Bay & Temagami. From camp you can fish many miles of the Marten River for Northern Pike. Good numbers of eating-size Pike are available and occasionally trophy Northern Pike are caught, with the largest in recent years being 48 inches. There are also many other lakes in the area, which you can drive to with good Northern Pike fishing. Their clean lakeside cabins are warm and cozy and fully equipped for housekeeping.

Vermilion Bay Lodge: Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario is a fabulous Canadian destination for Northern Pike. Northern Pike are common between 20 and 35 inches and can be caught in great numbers. The reason the lodge is hear is because of the availability of giant trophy Northern Pike up to 45 inches and on occasion Northern Pike close to 50 inches are caught and released. With 8 comfortable housekeeping cabins and a main lodge overlooking beautiful Eagle Lake we offer personal service with over 30 years of experience serving fishermen and families. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Musky.

At Anderson"s Lodge you have choices of 5 species including the predaceous Northern Pike! Fish the legendary Lac Seul and 7 other lakes that are teeming with these giant Northern Pike. From 100+ pike days to trophy hunts, we've got the pike action you are looking for! From all-inclusive American Plan to Deluxe Fly-In/Boat-In Outpost Packages, we can accommodate any group's needs. There is nothing else like it in Sioux Lookout! We are totally committed to providing you a quality fishing vacation!

Sunbeam Bungalows Resort is a drive-to housekeeping fishing camp located about 100 miles north of Sudbury, Ontario, in an area filled with great fishing lakes. The camp is located on Shining Tree Lake which stretches over 8 miles with more than 40 miles of shoreline. This lake alone provides more than enough fishing opportunities for the average angler, but to add even more to your trip, boats are also kept on 12 back lakes. In addition, spare boats are kept available for those anglers who want to make their own adventure and travel into lakes where we don't already keep boats. A Bay Wolf Camp Fishing Package includes fishing on all these lakes, fully modern housekeeping accommodations, one boat & motor for every 2 people on Shining Tree Lake, all outboard gas & oil, bait (minnows & worms), life jackets, anchors, paddles, & marine safety kits, information kit with maps of lakes, and all taxes. The main lake boasts good numbers of Northern Pike in the 4 to 7 pound range. With so many lakes available, there are some unbelievable Northern Pike fishing opportunities whether you are looking for that trophy in the 15 to 20 pound range or high numbers of 40 to 60 pike in a day. Bay Wolf Camp also offers Fishing/Small Game Packages. Fish for Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Splake, Perch & Whitefish.

Harris Hill Resort is a drive-to resort at the south end of Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Our low pressure fishing area is the hottest spot for the biggest Northern Pike, with many trophy Northern caught in the 40-49" range. Our fishermen guests also catch Muskie, Crappie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Sauger in abundance with eater size fish as well as all of the trophy size monsters, starting as close as off our dock and in the Bay in front of the resort. Our easy access and close proximity to the USA Border, our excellent fishing, our modern lakeview cabins, our Deluxe 18' Boats and our meal plans keep bringing our guests back year after year. They are only 18 miles from the Minnesota / Ontario border.

Indian Point Camp is located across Wabigoon Lake from Dryden and in a remote area, which has way less fishing pressure than the north shore of the lake. Wabigoon is a big lake and is famous for its gigantic fish and Northern Pike. Pike have to get big to compete with the Muskie. Wabigoon stuffed with Northern Pike. Northern Pike can be caught in great numbers and many of our guests catch an impressive amount while fishing for other game fish. Back bays and weed-lines produce non-stop action with small to medium size Pike. The big ones are usually off rocky points and at the mouth of narrows between two structures where they ambush their prey. Indian Point Camp has cozy housekeeping cottages with fully equipped kitchens. The camp also offers a weekly complementary buffet featuring delicious home-cooking. Fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Perch and Crappie is also excellent.

Big North Lodge & Outposts is located on Gun Lake, part of the Winnipeg River System at Minaki, 25 miles north of Kenora, Ontario. Our 5 lakes & river system is famous for outstanding Northern Pike fishing. Northern Pike can be found in the numerous bays on our river system - many over 36" and some pike over 40 inches. Our family-operated drive-in lodge offers both American Plan and deluxe lakefront Housekeeping accommodations with all the comforts of home in the wilderness. Our fly-in outposts on Roger Lake and Long Lake produce Monster Northern Pike and most guests that target Northerns should catch a couple over 40 inches during the week.. Both outposts have unbelievable numbers of Northern Pike and can be caught in the thousands. Outpost Camps have 14' Lund Boats and 9.9 Hp Mercury motors.

Spanish River Resort & Campground is a unique place to stay and fish and We offer a Fish Guarantee*. Walleye fishermen love our spot because we are located on the boundary of two fishing zones, 10 and 14. This means you can catch and keep 6 Walleye per day! Of course you can also catch your limit of Bass and Pike as well. From our docks we've caught Walleye, Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Monster Channel Catfish, Sturgeon, and Perch. If you stay in july and august you can even book a Salmon fishing guide as we also have access by water all the way to Manitoulin Island and the North Channel. We offer 2 bedroom equipped cabins with private washroom and linens that can sleep 4-5 adults. We also have a private boat launch, beach/swimming area as well as play areas like volleyball and tetherball for children. Our Fish Guarantee* means you can get another week free if you don't catch any fish...see our website for details.

Big Moose Camp is located on Lake Nosbonsing in Corbeil, Ontario and open year round. Lake Nosbonsing is best known for good numbers and trophy size Northern Pike. Pike are common in the 30 to 40 inch range. This lake is also stuffed with herring. Lakes with Herring produce big Northern Pike over 20 pounds. Big Moose offers lakeside housekeeping cottages, boat & motor rentals and pike ice fishing huts. They also have fishing for Walleye, Musky, Smallmouth Bass and Perch.

Wolseley Lodge is located on the famous French River, which is more like a chain or lakes with a few rapids. The river is well known for outstanding Northern Pike fishing. Huge trophy Northern Pike patrol the area eating everything they set their eyes on. Pike will hit any lure and can be found in great numbers. Northern Pike over 20 pounds get caught by guests all summer long with a few outstanding fish that are over 46 inches. Wolseley Lodge offers both housekeeping and a full-service all-inclusive American Plan with warm and cozy cottages and yummy home cooked meals. They are just a few hour's drive from the border and 2.5 hours north of Toronto.

Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost: Scout Lake is a remote corner of Lac Seul and located at the south-west end of the lake. Scout Lake and Lac Seul are famous for their monster size Northern Pike. With the thousands of weedy bays and narrows Northern Pike have a perfect habitat to ambush their prey. Northern Pike are extremely common up to six pounds and if you target Northerns you will catch quite a few in the eight to twelve pound range. Lac Seul is a big lake and produces big pike. Guests who target pike consistently should catch a few over twenty pounds during the course of a week. Every year many gigantic pike in the twenty-five to thirty pound range are caught and released. Lac Seul is also one of the best lakes in Ontario for Walleye with populations of Musky and Smallmouth Bass increasing every year. The resort has clean and cozy housekeeping cabins as well as remote outpost camp on McKenzie Bay, which sleeps eight people.

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is a drive-to camp and located 6 miles from Nakina, Ontario and on Lower Twin Lake. From their camp you have excellent fishing for Northern Pike in both Upper Twin Lake and Lower Twin Lake as well as fishing in the Drowning River. The lumber boom is over in Nakina and most people have moved away to find work. Combining the absence of fishing pressure from locals with new limits and size restrictions, the fishing in Upper & Lower Twin Lakes has improved immensely over the last 10 years. The high population of Whitefish produces massive Northern Pike and the Twin Lakes are no exception. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 8-pound range but trophy Pike in the 40 to 50-inch range do get caught and released every year. In actual fact, one of the largest Northern Pike in Canadian history was caught and released in Lower Twin Lake. It was a fat 56-incher and 40 pounds, which is just 2 pounds off the world record Northern Pike. Accommodations are clean and comfortable lakeside housekeeping cottages. A limited-service campground with waterfront sites is also available.

Indian Lake Lodge is located on the famous Indian Chain of Lakes, which is north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario and not far from the Manitoba border. From their lodge you have nine lakes to boat through and all are stuffed with Northern Pike. There are tons of Northern Pike in the 5 to 8 pound range with a good number of trophies in the 20 to 25 pound range being caught and released every year. If targeting Northern Pike all week you should catch a few trophies. Numbers are high and the fishing is fantastic. They have cozy lakefront cottages that vary in size for small and lodge groups. They offer fantastic 18-foot fishing boat rentals with electric start motors and electric trolling motors. They also have fishing for Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Perch.

Rugby Lake Lodge is located 35 miles north of Dryden and 45 miles northeast of Vermilion Bay. This is a small family owned fishing camp and the only resort on the lake. This is one of the first fishing camps in Ontario to adapt a culture of conservation and for many years they have had a policy that all Northern Pike over 27 inches must be released. This has paid off big time. Northern Pike do not dominate the lake in high numbers like their unbelievable Walleye fishing but the lake has many Trophy Northern Pike in the 15 to 25 pound range. All these fish get released to get bigger every year. If you target Northern Pike you should catch 20 to 40 per day and over the course of a week you have a fantastic chance at catching a pike over 40 inches. They have comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations and the surrounding highlands are breathtaking. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Crappie as well boat caches on Lake Trout lakes.

Red Cedar Lake Camp is located north of North Bay and west of Marten River on a big pike-stuffed lake most people drive by and donít even know is there. The bays and weeds are full of pike with them being common in the 2 to 6 pound range. There is also a good number of 8 to 13 pounders. Most of their guests that target Northerns are looking for the big 40+ inch Northern Pike and there is a good number of them. This lake has produced 50-inch Northern Pike. They have 11 lakefront cottages that sleep between 2 and 11 people. They offer American Plan and Housekeeping Plan with delicious home cooked meals served in their main lodge. They have fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout on top of being the best Northern Pike lake in the area.

Merkel's Camp is located between Dryden and Dinorwic Ontario and on the north shore of Wabigoon Lake with close access to Dinorwic Lake. Both of these lakes are considered among the best fishing lakes in Ontario with unbelievable fishing for Northern Pike. Northern Pike in Wabigoon Lake and Dinorwic Lake are inundated with millions of Pike of every size but the real draw to Pike hunters is the monster trophy Northern Pike between 20 and 25-pounds that are commonly caught. If you want a Pike in the 50-inch rage this is your best bet. They have 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom lakeside housekeeping cottages on Wabigoon Lake as well as an outpost camp on Little Basket Lake, which also has fantastic Northern Pike fishing. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye, Musky, Crappie, Perch, Smallmouth Bass with a lake you can drive that's stuffed with Lake Trout.

Green Wilderness Lodge & Outpost Camps is located in Northern Ontario between Gogama and Timmins. They have great fishing for Northern Pike. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 8 pound range but many Northern Pike over 20 pounds are caught many times during the summer and fall. They have nice housekeeping cottages and outpost camps. They also offer day-trips to fly-in trophy pike lakes. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye.

Murray Lake Cottages is located south of Missanabie and between Wawa and Chapleau, Ontario. They and located on Murray Lake, which has outstanding Northern Pike fishing with both high numbers and big trophies. Their guests can also get boat access to McMurty Lake and Dog Lake. If you like catching and eating Northern Pike than it will take you a few minutes to catch lunch. The shoreline has hoards of Northern Pike in the 2 to 6-pound range with quite a few bigger northerns in the 7 to 12 pound range. They also have a good population of Nothern Pike in the 15 to 20-pound range and throughout the summer lots of Nothern Pike in the 20 to 25-pound range get caught-&-released. They also have boat caches on several remote backcountry portage lakes, which produce hoards of Northern Pike. They have five lakefront housekeeping cabins that sleep between four and nine adults. They have two boat-to outpost camps on Loon Lake and Shikwamkwa Lake and both camps have fantastic Northern Pike fishing. Their rates are the best in Ontario. They also have fishing forWalleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Brook Trout and Perch.

Eagle Eye Guiding is located on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Greg grew up on Eagle Lake and knows every inch and his professional pike guiding skills are available for travelers or guests of any lodge on the lake. Eagle Lake is famous for giant trophy Northern Pike. Greg with show you a day of the best Northern Pike fishing you can imagine. Spending a day with Greg is very educational as well. He will show you all the best Northern Pike tips and tricks to maximize your pike fishing skills and produce outstanding results. Greg also guides for Walleye, Musky, Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass.

Cozy Camp & Outpost Camps: Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 5-pounds range with many trophy Northern Pike over 20 pounds being caught and released all summer. With access to 14 miles of Barrel Lake and 18 miles of the Pike stuffed English River. In late Summer or rarly Fall, Northern Pike go deep on many lakes but on the English River they have no place to hide. The fishing for Northern Pike is outstanding all year with many Northern Pike over 20 pounds being caught. Cozy Camp offers very modern lakeside housekeeping cabins, remote outpost camps and great rates. They have fantastic fishing for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. There are local lakes that are stuffed with Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Splake.

Sandy Point Camp is located on Kawashegamuk Lake, which is between Dryden and Ignace, Ontario and in the deep wilderness. They have outstanding fishing for Northern Pike. They also have boat caches on 9 surrounding lakes, which will give you the opportunity to experience the best Northern Pike fishing n Ontario. Pike are swarming along the shore with lots of 20-pounders to be caught. They have really nice housekeeping lakeside cabins and new boats & motors. Kawashegamuk Lake is one of Ontario's best Pike hotspots for trophy Northern Pike fishing. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye & Lake Trout.

McIntosh Lodge is a beautiful little family run lodge on famous Canyon Lake, which is north of Vermilion Bay and west of Dryden. There are no Northern Pike in Canyon Lake as the Muskie did away with them but it's a short drive to the boat launch on the Wabigoon River and the lodge has boat caches on Long Lake, Square Lake and Bowden Lake where you can catch vast numbers as well as trophy Northern Pike in the 20-pound range. McIntosh Lodge has super nice lakefront housekeeping pine cabins with a beautiful main lodge for card playing or watching the big game on satellite TV. Their rates are very reasonable. You can always take a break from Lake Trout fishing and hit the fantastic Muskie, Walleye and bass fishing on Canyon Lake.

Vance's Resort is located at the mouth of the Spanish River and the North Channel, Lake Huron. They are south of Espanola Ontario. Vance's Resort has a great variety of excellent fishing including awesome Northern Pike fishing. The Spanish River has Northern Pike all through but the big monster trophy Northern Pike are caught at the mouth of the river where it runs in the the channel. That's right where the camp is located. They offer housekeeping cottages and a full-service marina. This is a super clean resort that's great to bring the wife and kids to. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Musky. You can also fish out in the open lake for Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon. Charter boats are available.

Four Seasons Guiding is a small and cozy family run outfitter on Big Pine Lake near Chapleau Ontario. They offer housekeeping cabins with great fishing for Northern Pike. Big Pine Lake is not a late where you catch a whole mess of small Pike. It's a lake where the population of Northern Pike is moderate but the pike that do get caught are massive. No other lake in the Chapleau area produces Northern Pike as big. There are 20 and 25-pounders in this lake. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook Trout.

Lac Seul Outpost Lodge features world class fishing for Northern Pike as well as other gamefish. Northern Pike fishing is excellent with the back bays being stuffed with Northern Pike as well as many trophy Northern Pike being caught. Lac Seul is a labyrinth of islands and waterways with lots of Musky Cabbage, Wild Rice, Lily Pads and Pickerel Weed. It's the perfect conditions for Northern Pike to grow big and proliferate in great numbers. Guests catch more 20-pound Pike than most lakes that are called top Northern Pike lakes. They offer beautiful housekeeping lakefront wilderness fishing cabins. They also offer the best Walleye fishing you can imagine with Musky and Smallmouth Bass as well.

Crystal Beach Resort is located close to Atikokan on Crystal Lake is is a premier Northern Pike Lake. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, it does not matter when you are fishing on this lake you will catch massive trophy Northern Pike and they have the photos to prove it. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 6-pound but their guests get tons of Northerns over 20 pounds and a few that are close to 25 pounds. Crystal Beach Resort is a family owned Pike fishing camp with personal and friendly service. They offer beautiful, clean and comfortable accommodations at a reasonable price. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout.

Carpenter Lake Cabins is located in Bruce Mines, Ontario, which is just east of Sault Ste. Marie. Carpenter Lake, along with other surrounding lakes, have good fishing for good-eating size Northern Pike. They have fantastic lakeside cottages and there is lots of outdoor activities offered.

Northwest Outfitters is located on Shoal Lake which is part of Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters have great fishing for Northern Pike. This waterway has produced some of the largest Northern Pike in Canada with the Ontario record of 42-pounds caught just a few miles north. Their main lodge is an outpost lodge, which is only accessible by boat or float plane. They offer American Plan accommodations as well as housekeeping outpost cabins. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and monster size Musky.

Moose Horn Lodge has good Northern Pike. You can fish McLennan Lake for Northern Pike, which is where the lodge is located or you can drive to many other area lakes and the Chapleau River where there is exceptional Northern Pike fishing. They offer American Plan and Housekeeping Cottages. This is a super nice lodge and a great place to take the whole family as there are many other activities other than great fishing. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and local streams with Brook Trout.

Five Mile Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps is located on Five Mile Lake, which is south of Chapleau, Ontario. They offer good fishing for Northern Pike on the main lake but most Northern Pike fanatics looking for a trophy go to their outpost camp on Goldie Lake. Goldie Lake is a Pike lake with Northern Pike being the dominant species in the lake. Their main lodge is rated as 4 Star (****) accommodations with housekeeping cabins at the base lodge and outpost cabins on Goldie Lake and Wenebegon Lake.

Red Pine Lodge & Outpost Camps is located in the James Bay Frontier and in the heart of some of the best Northern Pike fishing in Ontario. Their main lodge is on the famous Ivanhoe Lake and not too far from Foleyet, Ontario. They have outstanding fishing Northern Pike with many Pike over 40 inches being caught and released. They offer both lakeside cottages at their main camp and remote boat-to outpost camps and a fly-in outpost camp.

Bonny Bay Camp is located on the famous Wabigoon Lake and an hours east of Dryden, which is well known all over North America for it's monster size Northern Pike. Not only do the Northern Pike get big, there are tons of them. They also have fantastic fishing other species. Check out their photo gallery. That says it all. They have beautiful lakeside cottages and fishing cabins, which can accommodate small to large groups. Bonny bay also rents top-of-the-line fishing boats. They also offer fantastic fishing for Walleye, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Crappie.

Seine River Lodge is located near Atikokan Ontario and between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have great fishing for Northern Pike. They are located of the Seine Chain of lakes so you can fish Banning Lake, Calm Lake, Chub Lake, Perch Lake, Seine River, Big McCauley Lake, Milk Lake, Miranda Lake, Niven lake and Flora Lake. All these lakes are accessible from the lodge by boat and all have fantastic Northern Pike Fishing. Pike can be caught in great numbers in the 2 to 6-pound range but many Northern Pike over 40 inches get caught and released. They offer American Plan housekeeping cabins as well as camping for both tents and RVs. They also have awesome fishing for Walleye an Lake Trout with their chain of lakes being the hottest Smallmouth Bass waters in Ontario.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake and between Dryden & Vermilion Bay and just south of Waldhof, Ontario. The lake is famous for monster size Northern Pike. There are tons of Pike over 20 pounds caught with a few over 25 pounds each year. Their accommodations and rental boats are among the best in Northwestern Ontario. The lodge offers housekeeping cabins but they have a BBQ pit restaurant where you can order what you want and even cook your own steak. Professional guides are available. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Perch & Lake Trout.

Flame Lake Lodge offers excellent Northern Ontario Northern Pike fishing. They also have trails and waterways to other lakes for the more adventurous, including several trophy Northern Pike lakes, all in an untouched wilderness setting. Accommodations include housekeeping cabin or American Plan in the main lodge. They also have great fishing for Walleye and Whitefish.

Happy Day Lodge is located on Windermere Lake, which is one of the best Northern Pike fishing lakes in the Chapleau area. What makes Windermere Lake unique and a top lake is the monster Northern Pike that patrol the weedy bays. Northern Pike over 20 pounds are caught on a regular basis with 25-pound and even 30-pound Pike caught throughout the summer. Happy Day Lodge is the only lodge on the lake. They have really nice lakeside housekeeping cabins and great fishing boats.

Prairie Bee Outpost Camps is located on Prairie Bee Lake, which is located between Chapleau and Wawa, Ontario. They have great Northern Pike fishing. The Northern Pike are most common in the 2 to 6 pound range. There are a fare amount of trophy Pike in the 20 pound range being caught. Prairie Bee Lake has massive schools of Whitefish and all the best Northern Pike lakes have a high population of Whitefish. With this in mind combined with the size of the lake, there is no reason why a 30 pound Northern Pike can't be caught. Not many of our guests target Northern Pike so it's a resource that is under-used. At the far west end of the lake they have an extremely remote outpost camp. The main camp is located at the north-east end of the lake. Both camps are extremely remote boat-to camps. From the main camp you have access to Windermere Lake, which is one is also one of the best Northern Pike lakes in Ontario.

Tumblehome Lodge is 1.5 hours west of Ottawa and south of the south-eastern tip of Algonquin Park. They are 10 minutes north of Sharbot Lake in Clarendon. The lodge is located on Crotch Lake, which is the very best inland Northern Pike Lake in Eastern Ontario. In the back bays and rocky points you can catch Northern Pike in the 20 to 32 inch range. The thing about Crotch Lake is its Fallfish population. Most experienced Northern Pike fanatics know the best pike lakes are lake with Fallfish. Big trophy Northern Pike love to feed on Fallfish and because they are an oily fish with high calories; it enables the Northern Pike to get huge. There are plenty of Northerns caught in the 33 to 40-inch range and being such a large lake there must be some 45-inchers. Tumblehome offers Housekeeping Plan with nice fishing boats for rent. Crotch Lake also has outstanding fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass.