Flyfishing Pike Flies

Flyfishing for pike in Ontario is getting more and more popular every day. I think the main draw to flyfishing for pike is the fact that you can drop a fly in tight spots between the weeds and when the pike hits the fly, they make a huge splash. Below are some of the most popular pike flies. Pictures were give to me by

1) Barry Reynolds Pike Bunny

2) Rabbit Strip Pike Bunny

3) Mcmurderer

4) Red & White Pike Fly

5) Shiner Flies

6) Whistler Fly

7) Mickey Finn Streamer

8) English Pikefly

9) Softshell crayfish fly

10) Dancing frog

11) Phils Shiner bunny

12) Slider diver

13) Dahlberg diver

14) Kelpie diver

15) Pencil popper

16) Hard foam popper