Sharbot Lake Ontario Northern Pike Fishing

Land O' Lakes Lodge is 1.5 hours west of Ottawa near the south-eastern tip of Algonquin Park. Ther are 15 minutes north of Sharbot Lake in Clarendon. The lodge is located on Crotch Lake, which is the very best inland Northern Pike Lake in Eastern Ontario. In the back bays and rocky points you can catch Northern Pike all day long in the 20 to 35 inch range. The thing about Crotch Lake is it's Whitefish population. Most experienced Northern Pike fanatics know the best pike lakes are lake with Whitefish. Big trophy Northern Pike love to feed on Whitefish and because they are an oily fish with high calories; it enables the Northern Pike to get huge. There are plenty of Northerns caught in the 40 to 43-inch range and being such a large lake there must be some 50 inchers. Land Q' Lakes Lodge offers both American Plan and Housekeeping Plan with nice fishing boats for rent. Crotch Lake also has outstanding fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass.