Ontario Trophy Northern Pike Fishing American Plan Lodges

Auld Reekie Lodge is located 3 hours north of North Bay near the town of Gowganda and located on Gowganda Lake. Gowganda Lake is a spring-fed rocky Canadian Shield lake. They have a really good Northern Pike population with guests catching and releasing trophies of 20 pound many times throughout the summer. There are lots of back weedy bays and ridges where the Pike hang out and ambush Walleyes and bass. Auld Reekie does have a few backcountry lakes that are stuffed with Northern Pike where you will catch high numbers but the sizes never reach the monsters that are caught on the main lake. They have beautiful lakefront cottages along with a main restaurant and British Pub style bar. They offer American Plan, European Plan and housekeeping plan.

Northwest Outfitters is located on Shoal Lake which is part of Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters have great fishing for Northern Pike. This waterway has produced some of the largest Northern Pike in Canada with the Ontario record of 42-pounds caught just a few miles north. Their main lodge is an outpost lodge, which is only accessible by boat or float plane. They offer American Plan accommodations as well as housekeeping outpost cabins. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and monster size Musky.

Hidden River Lodge is located on Whitefish Lake, which is part of the famous Michipicoten River System. The closest civilization is the tourist outpost town of Wawa, Ontario. Hidden Lake has great fishing for Northern Pike. You can catch tons of Northern Pike in the 2 to 6 pound range but just like any lake with a high population of Whitefish, they have monster Northern Pike in the lake and there are 20 pounders patrolling the shoreline and even out in open water suspended down deeper gorging themselves and getting fat. They have nice comfortable cabins that they started renovating 2017, really nice boats and the best rates in the north. As well they great fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook Trout.

Brace Lake Outfitters: If you enjoy catching some of the biggest Northern Pike there are, then Brace Lake is the spot for you!! Brace is known for its Monster Northern Pike and most go home catching at least one over 40 inches!! These are some of the most challenging fish to catch, as the big ones lay down in the cold dark waters, and only a white jig gets their attention. Rapalas always get them going into a feeding frenzy, and you can catch them all day long on those. If a big Northern Pike screaming line off your reel is what you are looking for, then come out to Brace Lake Outfitters to catch these legendary Gaitors of Northwestern Ontario. You will not be disappointed!!

Harris Hill Resort is a drive-to resort at the south end of Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Our low pressure fishing area is the hottest spot for the biggest Northern Pike, with many trophy Northern caught in the 40-49" range. Our fishermen guests also catch Muskie, Crappie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch & Sauger in abundance with eater size fish as well as all of the trophy size monsters, starting as close as off our dock and in the Bay in front of the resort. Our easy access and close proximity to the USA Border, our excellent fishing, our modern lakeview cabins, our Deluxe 18' Boats and our meal plans keep bringing our guests back year after year. They are only 18 miles from the Minnesota / Ontario border.

Land O' Lakes Lodge is 1.5 hours west of Ottawa near the south-eastern tip of Algonquin Park. Ther are 15 minutes north of Sharbot Lake in Clarendon. The lodge is located on Crotch Lake, which is the very best inland Northern Pike Lake in Eastern Ontario. In the back bays and rocky points you can catch Northern Pike all day long in the 20 to 35 inch range. The thing about Crotch Lake is it's Whitefish population. Most experienced Northern Pike fanatics know the best pike lakes are lake with Whitefish. Big trophy Northern Pike love to feed on Whitefish and because they are an oily fish with high calories; it enables the Northern Pike to get huge. There are plenty of Northerns caught in the 40 to 43-inch range and being such a large lake there must be some 50 inchers. Land Q' Lakes Lodge offers both American Plan and Housekeeping Plan with nice fishing boats for rent. Crotch Lake also has outstanding fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass.

Fireside Lodge offers a great variety of accommodations as well as fantastic Northern Pike fishing. They have their main lodge strategically located where Pelican Lake and Abram Lake join so guests can fish both lakes for Northern Pike. You will also have water access to Minnitaki Lake and Lac Seul. They have fully equipped lakefront housekeeping fishing cabins that range from two to five bedrooms. They also have fly-in outpost camps and boat-to outpost camps. What kind of Northern Pike fishing are you looking for? If you are looking for high numbers then can set you up on a lake where you can catch sixty to a eighty Northern Pike in a day. If you are looking for a trophy Northern Pike they can set you up on a lake where Northern Pike up to and over twenty-five pounds are caught and released. The closest settlement to the lodge is Sioux Lookout, Ontario. They also offer fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Whitefish.

Seine River Lodge is located near Atikokan Ontario and between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have great fishing for Northern Pike. They are located of the Seine Chain of lakes so you can fish Banning Lake, Calm Lake, Chub Lake, Perch Lake, Seine River, Big McCauley Lake, Milk Lake, Miranda Lake, Niven lake and Flora Lake. All these lakes are accessible from the lodge by boat and all have fantastic Northern Pike Fishing. Pike can be caught in great numbers in the 2 to 6-pound range but many Northern Pike over 40 inches get caught and released. They offer American Plan housekeeping cabins as well as camping for both tents and RVs. They also have awesome fishing for Walleye an Lake Trout with their chain of lakes being the hottest Smallmouth Bass waters in Ontario.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake and between Dryden & Vermilion Bay and just south of Waldhof, Ontario. The lake is famous for monster size Northern Pike. There are tons of Pike over 20 pounds caught with a few over 25 pounds each year. Their accommodations and rental boats are among the best in Northwestern Ontario. The lodge offers housekeeping cabins but they have a BBQ pit restaurant where you can order what you want and even cook your own steak. Professional guides are available. They also have great fishing for Walleye, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Perch & Lake Trout.

Shadd Lake Cabins is a very nice fly-in fishing lodge on Shadd Lake, which flows into and is a stone's throw away from the Churchill River, which is famous for its Northern Pike fishing. Due to their remote location, there is next to no fishing pressure and you can experience non-stop Northern Pike action. Some of the biggest Trophy Northern Pike in Canada are caught in the Churchill River with Pike over 20 pounds being frequent and even Northern Pike over 30 pounds are being caught and released. The scenery is breathtaking with lots of photo opportunities for wildlife. Guests fly into the lodge from Osprey Wings airbase in La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan.

Red Cedar Lake Camp is located north of North Bay and west of Marten River on a big pike-stuffed lake most people drive by and donít even know is there. The bays and weeds are full of pike with them being common in the 2 to 6 pound range. There is also a good number of 8 to 13 pounders. Most of their guests that target Northerns are looking for the big 40+ inch Northern Pike and there is a good number of them. This lake has produced 50-inch Northern Pike. They have 11 lakefront cottages that sleep between 2 and 11 people. They offer American Plan and Housekeeping Plan with delicious home cooked meals served in their main lodge. They have fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout on top of being the best Northern Pike lake in the area.

Pine Island Resort is a beautiful little fishing lodge but surrounded by big ferocious Northern Pike. They are located on Black Bear Island Lake, which is a widening of the famous Churchill River in Northern Saskatchewan. They have fishing for Monster Northern Pike with many in the 50-inch range. Not only do Northern Pike get long but they get thick from all the food available. Check out their famous Northern Pike Video and you will be amazed. They offer housekeeping and American Plan accommodations. It's best to take the American Plan option because you do not want to miss Vicki's yummy home cooked meals. They have beautiful and private lakeside cedar cottages.

Wolseley Lodge is located on the famous French River, which is more like a chain or lakes with a few rapids. The river is well known for outstanding Northern Pike fishing. Huge trophy Northern Pike patrol the area eating everything they set their eyes on. Pike will hit any lure and can be found in great numbers. Northern Pike over 20 pounds get caught by guests all summer long with a few outstanding fish that are over 46 inches. Wolseley Lodge offers both housekeeping and a full-service all-inclusive American Plan with warm and cozy cottages and yummy home cooked meals. They are just a few hour's drive from the border and 2.5 hours north of Toronto.

At Anderson"s Lodge you have choices of 5 species including the predaceous Northern Pike! Fish the legendary Lac Seul and 7 other lakes that are teeming with these giant Northern Pike. From 100+ pike days to trophy hunts, we've got the pike action you are looking for! From all-inclusive American Plan to Deluxe Fly-In/Boat-In Outpost Packages, we can accommodate any group's needs. There is nothing else like it in Sioux Lookout! We are totally committed to providing you a quality fishing vacation!

Chapleau Lodge is located on spring-fed Borden Lake, which has excellent fishing for good eating size Northern Pike and the occasional trophy Pike. Chapleau lodge offers American Plan accommodations with fabulous cuisine in their dining room. They also have new housekeeping cabins, which are very private and away from the lodge. They also have fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Brook Trout.

Waterfalls Lodge is located near Espanola and Spanish, Ontario. The lodge is located on a chain of seven lakes that are all stuffed with Northern Pike of any size and can be cause in great numbers. They also have outpost camps on several lakes that also have great Northern Pike fishing. These are cool spring-fed lakes and the Northern Pike taste fantastic. This is a highly rated full-service American plan lodge with yummy home cooked meals at a reasonable price. They also have fantastic fishing for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass.

Garden Island Lodge is a remote lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake and only accessible by floatplane or boat. Lady Evelyn Lake is one of the top Walleye lakes in Ontario. They also have good Northern Pike fishing with Northern Pike in the 30-inch range but Pike are not a dominant species. You do have boat access to Willow Lake where some monster northerns over 50 inches have been caught but they are astronomically rare. Lady Evelyn Lake does on occasion produce Northern Pike over 40 inches. Garden Island offers both American Plan and Housekeeping accommodations. This is a really nice lodge with that great up-north atmosphere.

Boois Fly-in Lodge: Monster Northern Pike too big for your net is just part of what you get when you fly-in to Booi's Island. Located north of Red Lake Ontario and on Trout Lake, Booi's is a world class fly-in fishing lodge and in the heart of Ontario's vast northern wilderness. Northern Pike are plentiful in all sizes with exceptional trophies commonly caught in the 20 to 25-pound range. They also have a fly-in Outpost camp where you can catch multiple trophies between 40 and 50 inches in just one day. Experience absolute luxury in their fully equipped log-constructed cottages that are fully furnished, even with kitchens. Taste magnificent cuisine in their dining room, served by the friendliest staff in the north or cook if you choose. Breathe in the crisp clean air while you cruise the lake in your big 18 ft. boats. You are invited to join their 91% repeat guests and experience a true Trophy Northern Pike fishing trip. The Booi Family are 3rd generation lodge owners & 5th generation Canadians.