Fly-in Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Lodges

hunderhook Fly-ins & Smooth Rock Camp is located north of Armstrong and in the heart of the best Northern Pike fishing in Ontario. They offer multiple fly-in outpost camps to choose from on remote lakes and a fly-in lodge. All their lakes are stuffed with Northern Pike. Northern Pike in their lakes are most common in the 23 to 30-inch range but their remote lakes can produce Northerns over 50 inches and in the 25 to 30 pound class. Northern Pike in the 40 to 45 inch range are caught and released frequently, which is why Thunderhook has the reputation as one of the best Northern Pike fishing destinations in the world and a definite must for trophy Pike hunters.

Cat Track Lodge - Cat Track Lodge is a remote fly-in camp on Lake Savant near the town of Savant Lake. They have exceptional Northern Pike fishing, which is what you would expect from a fly-in. Guests can expect to catch hoards of Northern Pike in the 25" to 30" range with many that are bigger. Lake Savant is a big lake and produces big fish. Trophy Northerns up to 48" are caught and released all summer long. A Pike that is 48" could be anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds depending on the girth. They offer housekeeping cabins that can sleep groups from 4 to 14 people. They also offer a complimentary fish cleaning service with vacuum packaging at no extra cost. The lake is also stuffed with Trophy Lake Trout and Trophy Walleye.

Boois Fly-in Lodge: Monster Northern Pike too big for your net is just part of what you get when you fly-in to Booi's Island. Located north of Red Lake Ontario and on Trout Lake, Booi's is a world class fly-in fishing lodge and in the heart of Ontario's vast northern wilderness. Northern Pike are plentiful in all sizes with exceptional trophies commonly caught in the 20 to 25-pound range. They also have a fly-in Outpost camp where you can catch multiple trophies between 40 and 50 inches in just one day. Experience absolute luxury in their fully equipped log-constructed cottages that are fully furnished, even with kitchens. Taste magnificent cuisine in their dining room, served by the friendliest staff in the north or cook if you choose. Breathe in the crisp clean air while you cruise the lake in your big 18 ft. boats. You are invited to join their 91% repeat guests and experience a true Trophy Northern Pike fishing trip. The Booi Family are 3rd generation lodge owners & 5th generation Canadians.

Leuenberger's Kag Lake Lodge & Fly-in Outposts are located north of Nakina, Ontario and offer a fly-in lodge on Kagianagami Lake as well as 12 fly-in outpost camps on 12 different lakes. Northern Pike are found in all of their lakes and in extremely high numbers. The lakes north of Nakina are famous for huge trophy Northerns. Northern Pike in the 35" to 40" range are common. There are many in the 44" to 48" that get caught and released each year with the occasional fish up to and over 50". A 50" pike is well over 30 pounds and could get close to 40 pounds with a very thick girth. They offer American Plan, Modified American Plan and housekeeping accommodations at the lodge. Their outpost cabins range in size to sleep between 4 and 12 guests. They also have outstanding fishing for Walleye and Brook Trout.