Big Northern Pike Eats Smaller Northern Pike

The True Story & Full Set of Pictures of this Famous Pike Photo

Hey Gary,

Ok, here's the REAL story behind the well traveled pike pic.The photo was taken in June 0f 2005 on Lake Agnes in the BWCA. The series of photos was taken by Matt Strassburg of Eagle Lake, MN. Matt, Mike Grams (the "catcher"), Steve Grams and myself were trowling for walleyes in a bay. The 2 canoes were about 100 yards apart when me and Steve hear the other guys yelling that we should come over...quick. So we paddled over there and find that Mike had a huge pike chewing on a small pike he was reeling up. We watched as the pike thrashing around trying to get the smaller pike off. The small pike was already dead and Mike was just playing around with the larger pike. Matt was snapping lots of photos while this took place. After leaving and coming back 3 times, the large pike finally got his prize. The fish was never landed since it was never hooked. My guess is the small pike was about 24 inches long. As to the size of the large pike, I'd guess it was over 40 inches long. Mike was trowling a pink and white vibro spinner with a 3 inch GULP leech. Pretty much what our group always uses up there that time of year for walleyes. You can see the spinner rig and GULP leech in most of the pictures.

It's funny, yet frustating how this photo has gotten sent around the internet in the past 5 years. Lots of different stories attached to this one. I must have gotten this photo emailed to me about a dozen times so far. Everybody has their "fish story", but I can honestly say I got to witness this one. My only regret is that we left the camcorder back at camp that day. Here is a bunch of photos. I'll be checking out what you have to say on your website.

The next day we did catch another 40-incher around the same area. It might be the same fish. It's the last photo.

Happy fishing!

Vance Donner New Ulm, MN